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"Survival: The Story of Global Health"
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Research Theme on COVID-19

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Information on Research Themes and JoGH Collections

Research Themes and JoGH Collections

In addition to regular articles and viewpoints, JoGH publishes Research Themes. These Research Themes can run throughout several issues. We intend to publish each paper that belongs to a Research Theme as soon as it completes the process of editorial and peer review. Such papers will be published in our "Online First" section, under their respective Research Theme headings, and then grouped together twice a year in our two regular printed and online issues (June and December). This approach saves time and offers flexibility, thus avoiding unnecessary stress and pressing deadlines on both the authors and on our editorial team.

All theme papers undergo JoGH’s standard and rigorous peer review process.

Once all the articles are published under one accepted Research Theme, JoGH offers to compile them into an edited book, which will be assigned its unique ISBN identifier. We will publish all such books within the JoGH collections library in a requested number of copies. Each book will contain the articles published within a Research Theme, but further materials such as editorials, reviews and supplementary materials can also be added. These books can be printed in hardback and/or paperback, according to preference. They will be listed on the JoGH website and on and Such books can later be used to underpin teaching, e.g. Massive Open Online Courses or postgraduate classes. They can be used as evidence of dissemination activities from recently completed research grants, because they are likely to generate further and broader impact than journal articles.

Our standard open access publication fees, which apply for viewpoints and articles, are also applicable to research themes, plus an additional handling fee. The costs for book publication will vary according to the book’s format, complexity and length, so this will be agreed separately with a Research Theme authors on a case-by-case basis.

All financial and practical arrangements relevant to JoGH Research Themes will take into account authors’ requirements and individual circumstances.

If you are interested in publishing a Research Theme in JoGH, please contact us at editor[@] to discuss your proposal.

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