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The complete issue 1/2011
Journal of Global Health: Complete issue 1/2011
JOGH 2011; 1: 1-104
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Developing biobanks in developing countries
Igor Rudan, Ana Marusic, Harry Campbell
JOGH 2011; 1: 2-4
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JOGH 2011; 1: 5-11
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JOGH 2011; 1: 12-19
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JOGH 2011; 1: 20-27
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A health policy and systems approach to addressing the growing burden of noncommunicable diseases in China
Kit Yee Chan
JOGH 2011; 1: 28-31
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A roller-coaster ride: Introduction of pentavalent vaccine in India
Harish Nair, Indrajit Hazarika, Ashok Patwari
JOGH 2011; 1: 32-35
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Mega sporting events: A poisoned chalice or a new dawn for low- and middle-income countries?
Mark Tomlinson
JOGH 2011; 1: 36-38
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The case for launch of an international DNA-based birth cohort study
Igor Rudan, Mickey Chopra, Yurii Aulchenko, Abdullah H. Baqui, Zulfiqar A. Bhutta, Karen Edmond, Bernardo L. Horta, Keith P. Klugman, Claudio F. Lanata, Shabir A. Madhi, Harish Nair, Zeshan Qureshi, Craig Rubens, Evropi Theodoratou, Cesar G. Victora, Wei Wang, Martin W. Weber, James F. Wilson, Lina Zgaga, Harry Campbell
JOGH 2011; 1: 39-45
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Systematic review of birth cohort studies in Africa
Alasdair Campbell, Igor Rudan
JOGH 2011; 1: 46-58
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Systematic review of birth cohort studies in South East Asia and Eastern Mediterranean regions
Rachel McKinnon, Harry Campbell
JOGH 2011; 1: 59-71
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Food safety and security: what were favourite topics for research in the last decade?
Ana Marušić
JOGH 2011; 1: 72-78
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Quality of maternal healthcare in India: Has the National Rural Health Mission made a difference?
Harish Nair, Rajmohan Panda
JOGH 2011; 1: 79-86
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Efficacy and effectiveness of 20 child health interventions in China: Systematic review of Chinese literature
Jian Shayne F. Zhang
JOGH 2011; 1: 87-95
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Leadership for child health in the developing countries of the Western Pacific
Rami Subhi, Trevor Duke
JOGH 2011; 1: 96-104
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