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Measuring and Monitoring Coverage of High Impact Health Interventions in Women, Children and Adolescents
Examining coverage, content, and impact of maternal nutrition interventions: the case for quality-adjusted coverage measurement
Naima T Joseph, Ellen Piwoz, Dennis Lee, Address Malata, Hannah H Leslie; on behalf of the Countdown Coverage Technical Working Group
JOGH 2020; 10: 010501 (13 pages)
 Full Text - PDF |  [Online Publication Date: 31 January 2020]
Timing and number of antenatal care contacts in low and middle-income countries: Analysis in the Countdown to 2030 priority countries
Safia S Jiwani, Agbessi Amouzou, Liliana Carvajal-Aguirre, Doris Chou, Youssouf Keita, Allisyn C Moran, Jennifer Requejo, Sanni Yaya, Lara ME Vaz, Ties Boerma
JOGH 2020; 1: 010502 (12 pages)
 Full Text - PDF | Supplementary Material  [Online Publication Date: 20 February 2020]
Strong community-based health systems and national governance predict improvement in coverage of oral rehydration solution (ORS): a multilevel longitudinal model
Althea Andrus, Robert Cohen, Liliana Carvajal-Aguirre, Shams El Arifeen, William Weiss
JOGH 2020; 1: 010503 (13 pages)
 Full Text - PDF | Supplementary Material  [Online Publication Date: 20 February 2020]
Evaluating coverage of maternal syphilis screening and treatment within antenatal care to guide service improvements for prevention of congenital syphilis in Countdown 2030 Countries
Shivika Trivedi, Melanie Taylor, Mary L Kamb, Doris Chou
JOGH 2020; 10: 010504 (9 pages)
 Full Text - PDF   [Online Publication Date: 14 March 2020]
Discordance in postnatal care between mothers and newborns: Measurement artifact or missed opportunity?
Agbessi Amouzou, Elizabeth Hazel, Lara Vaz, Yaya Sanni, Allisyn Moran
JOGH 2020; 10: 010505 (13 pages)
 Full Text - PDF |Supplementary Material   [Online Publication Date: 14 March 2020]
Variance estimation for effective coverage measures: A simulation study
Sara M Sauer, Thomas Pullum, Wenjuan Wang, Lindsay Mallick, Hannah H Leslie
JOGH 2020; 10: 010506 (5 pages)
 Full Text - PDF |Supplementary Material   [Online Publication Date: 14 March 2020]
Basic maternal health care coverage among adolescents in 22 sub-Saharan African countries with high adolescent birth rate
Liliana Carvajal-Aguirre, Emily Wilson, Jennifer Harris Requejo, Holly Newby, Cristina de Carvalho Eriksson, Mengjia Liang, Mardieh Dennis, Fatima Gohar, Aline Simen Kapeu, Priscilla Idele, Agbessi Amouzou
JOGH 2020; 10: 021401 (11 pages)
 Full Text - PDF | Supplementary Material  [Online Publication Date: 08 October 2020]

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