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Performance-based Financing
Strengthening performance-based financing as a health system approach for quality improvement
Wu Zeng, Daxin Sun, Dinesh Nair, Jae Eun Nam, Adrian Gheorghe
JOGH 2018; 8: 020305 (5 pages)
Structural, institutional and organizational factors associated with successful pay for performance programmes in improving quality of maternal and child health care in low and middle income countries: a systematic literature review
Smruti Patel
JOGH 2018; 8: 021001 (12 pages)
Methods to improve quality performance at scale in lower- and middle-income countries
György Fritsche, John Peabody
JOGH 2018; 8: 021002 (15 pages)
Measuring and paying for quality of care in performance-based financing: Experience from seven low and middle-income countries (Democratic Republic of Congo, Kyrgyzstan, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal and Zambia)
Jessica Gergen, Erik Josephson, Christina Vernon, Samantha Ski, Sara Riese, Sebastian Bauhoff, Supriya Madhavan
JOGH 2018; 8: 021003 (12 pages)

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