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Epidemiology of non-communicable causes of child deaths
Global and regional estimates of the morbidity due to type I diabetes among children aged 0-4 years: a systematic review and analysis
Davies Adeloye, Kit Yee Chan, Natasha Thorley, Charlotte Jones, David Johnstone1, Ari L'Heveder, Vanja Saftic, David Henderson, Mickey Chopra, Harry Campbell, Igor Rudan
JOGH 2018; 8: 021101 (11 pages)
Global birth prevalence and mortality from inborn errors of metabolism: a systematic analysis of the evidence
Donald Waters, Davies Adeloye, Daisy Woolham, Elizabeth Wastnedge, Smruti Patel, Igor Rudan
JOGH 2018; 8: 021102 (12 pages)
The global burden of sickle cell disease in children under five years of age: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Elizabeth Wastnedge, Donald Waters, Smruti Patel, Kathleen Morrison, Mei Yi Goh, Davies Adeloye, Igor Rudan
JOGH 2018; 8: 021103 (9 pages)
Global and regional child deaths due to injuries: an assessment of the evidence
Davies Adeloye, Kirsty Bowman, Kit Yee Chan, Smruti Patel, Harry Campbell, Igor Rudan
JOGH 2018; 8: 021104 (11 pages)

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