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Community Health in Emergencies
Assessing community health worker service delivery in humanitarian settings
Nathan P Miller, Adam K Richards, Melissa A Marx, Francesco Checchi, Naoko Kozuki
JOGH 2020; 10: 010307 (4 pages)
 Full Text - PDF   [Online Publication Date: 20 February 2020]
Approaches to support continued iCCM implementation during a flooding emergency in rural Bangladesh
Rashed Shah, Nathan P Miller, Golam Mothabbir
JOGH 2019; 9: 021001 (11 pages)
 Full Text - PDF   [Online Publication Date: 16 December 2019]
Community health workers during the Ebola outbreak in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone
Nathan P Miller, Penelope Milsom, Ginger Johnson, Juliet Bedford, Aline Simen Kapeu, Abdoulaye Oumar Diallo, Kebir Hassen, Nuzhat Rafique, Kamrul Islam, Robert Camara, Joseph Kandeh, Chea Sanford Wesseh, Kumanan Rasanathan, Jerome Pfaffmann Zambruni, Heather Papowitz
JOGH 2018; 8: 020601 (17 pages)
The resilience of integrated community case management in acute emergency: a case study from Unity State, South Sudan
Naoko Kozuki, Katja Ericson, Bethany Marron, Yolanda Barbera Lainez, Nathan P Miller
JOGH 2018; 8: 020602 (12 pages)
Implementing integrated community case management during conflict in Yemen
Nathan P Miller, Nureyan Zunong, Taha Ali Abdulrahman Al-Sorouri, Yasmin Mohammed Alqadasi, Sarah Ashraf, Cashington Siameja
JOGH 2020; 10: 020601 (9 pages)
 Author's accepted version - PDF   [Online Publication Date: 15 August 2020]
Community health workers in humanitarian settings: Scoping review
Nathan P Miller, Farid Bagheri Ardestani, Hannah Sarah Dini, Fouzia Shafique, Nureyan Zunong
JOGH 2020; 10: 020602 (9 pages)
 Full Text - PDF | Supplementary Material  [Online Publication Date: 06 December 2020]

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